New Ashlem and Karita Dialogue    
March 18, 2011 A.D.
This is an excerpt from an Akashic Life Reading for Karita
by Ashlem thru Rev. Bob Copeland, Trance Channel

A beautiful Golden Light appears filling the whole picture. A beautiful soft pink light appears in the center, forming the image of a Magnificent Pink Heart.  From behind the pink heart appears a violet light shooting out tongues of violet light to the edges of the picture, growing brighter and brighter as it consumes the pink heart leaving behind the Magnificent Violet Light.

Now a pinpoint of White Light appears in the center and the White Light expands, consuming all of the colors. Leaves behind a magnificent White Light. How beautiful it is!  Images are forming in the White Light. The beautiful magnificent Forest is appearing. The trees, the flowers, the birds and the bees. Everything is so pristine and so beautiful.  A gentle breeze is blowing, nodding the heads of the flowers as the butterflies, honey bees, and hummingbirds are collecting the nectar from the flowers. The sun is high in the sky, reflecting light upon the waterfall, causing little rainbows to appear and disappear in the mist as the water falls into the pool.  Everything is so pristine and so beautiful. 

The White Rock appears, standing next to the pool of water above the flowers.  On that White Rock appears a beautiful golden flame; a candle flame flickering only at the top.  The Light is very bright and very fulfilling as it grows in size and intensity.  It begins to soften and diminish.  As always, Ashlem is standing in that flame.  Ashlem is wearing his beautiful White Robe of Simplicity, expressing everything in Life to become more simplified.  Ashlem has a beautiful smile upon his face and his eyes twinkle. The flame flickers and goes out.  Ashlem stands looking around the clearing. How magnificent everything seems to be; so pristine and so perfect.  He bows his head in Meditation. 

Appearing before him is the Blessed Virgin Mary.  She has in her hands, a beautiful White Rose.  It is magnificent!  She smells the rose and it begins to grow larger. Ashlem ends his bow to the Blessed Virgin Mary. She reaches forth and hands him the White Rose of the Christ.  She accepts it.  Appearing next to Mary is the Master Jesus.  He seems to lord above her.  A magnificent smile upon his face and then... Peter appears, Paul, his Disciples are appearing….standing around on the edge of the White Rock where Mary and Ashlem are standing there.  I have never seen this before.


Appearing above the Forest is a magnificent Space Craft. It appears from nowhere.  Just changing Time and Space.  It is a Great Mother Ship, now called The Star of Bethlehem”.  A large portal opens up at the bottom of the Craft.  Steel blue beam of Light appears, and comes down upon the White Rock.  Everyone is lifted simultaneously into the Craft. The portal closes.  We are in a magnificent circular room.  The Brothers and The Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light are there. There is Ashtar, Monka, Voltar, Korton, Semfar, Glorianna, Shereena, Patricia. All of the Brothers and the Sisters of The Brotherhood of Light seem to be here in this huge room.  Ashlem, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Jesus and the Disciples all hold hands together. 

Angelic voices come from above, singing beautiful tones as the vehicle moves... a sensation of movement.  They are singing the “Our Father.” (The Lord’s Prayer)  Now the vehicle seems to be at rest and the Portal re-opens again.  Everyone is descending down to a small Planet. It has magnificent flora... beautiful flowers.  The atmosphere is magnificently clean and pristine.  They come down next to a pond that almost looks like glass.  They stand before it.  An Energy builds in the center of the pond.  Like a vortex Energy.  The Space Craft has disappeared.  They step upon the water of this large pond and walk towards the vortex that is whirling. It stops whirling, and appearing is like an island, there are beautiful buildings. Looks something like the Russian buildings.  They come to a green belt like.  It is a little depression and they sit in the grass in a large circle... Ashlem in the center, along with Jesus, Mary and the Disciples.  Jesus steps forward.  Ashlem bows to him. 

 Jesus raises his hand and says:

“The Creative Force of All Creation for they who believe into the ‘Purity of the Father Within’ shall know the Grace of God of All Creation.  I stand into witness of The Coming Time of Defense of Life and the pieces? of it, that all may understand, there shall be Peace upon Earth; but not for a while yet.  Let the hearts of Mankind be filled with the Joy of The Ethers?? Others ?? of Time, that they may know each other once again with Peace, and So Be It !”

Ashlem steps forward... a pedestal appears under his feet and lifts him up.  He sits in a Lotus Position. Angels appear singing beautiful tones in perfect harmony.  Ashlem bows his head and wishes to speak thru.  I give my permission.

“I am Ashlem, known as Golden Image.  I say to thee “Hail!”  We have come to the Planet that is called ‘Prieatas’, that is found into the Pleiades.  A beautiful time of experiences and vibrations of Light.. That one may know of their "Heritage Within."


“We come here because we wish to set forth a vibration into your heart of being, for the Goodness of all Mankind.  The Blessed Virgin Mary brings to I, your Christ Rose.  I will return it to she and she will plant it in her Garden again, where it shall live forever and forever.  Now there are many questions, I will answer for thee.  Please begin.”

Karita speaks: “Thank you, Ashlem. Bless you and I bless all those who have come forth at this Time to be with me and I with them. And I am pleased. I will begin by asking about Prieatas.  I believe I had a Lifetime there, did I not?”

Ashlem:  “But of course you are from Prieatas!“

K: “When I was there, what Dimension of Light was this?”

A: “It is in the Twelfth (12th) Dimension of Light upon Prieatas at this Time. We are witnessing here, a Vibration of Peace and Harmony that will one day be upon the Earth Plane. That is why we brought thee here to this Station of being so that you may recall and feel the Vibrations of it. It is here that we shall dissertate for thee of The Wisdoms and the Knowledge’s of Time. Time is running out upon Earth.  This is not to be an alarming thing, but to be an understanding it is now Time it shall begin the Changing of Earth.  It will take a few years for this to acquire upon the Earth Plane.  ALL should stand forth into audience of the Christ Consciousness for Goodness shall prevail upon the Earth in Time. 

"There is more questions?“

K: “Yes. I am pleased to hear this and I am looking forward to this Time of Peace.  We have so much chaos at this Time that it is very difficult to remain stable. Many people are saying ‘Time is flying, it is getting away from us, and there is not enough time to do things.’ This is true and I find this to be so for myself. I find myself  many times when I am about to engage in a certain project, all of a sudden I find myself in another area doing something else, and I say ‘What am I doing in here? What did I come into this room for? It’s kind of like Time is lopsided more or less.”

A: “One could say that…”

B:  “How much has Time speeded up now?”

A: “It is not a measurement of Time speeding up as it is the Existence of The Creative Forces are speeding up; so we could not begin to measure it, to answer your question of this Time.  Time is only into Space here upon Earth in its surroundings created by Man on Earth.  There is no Time in Space or Time in Spirit.


K: “O.k.  I believe that it is slowly dissipating here upon the Earth.”

A: “ It is so.”

A: “Put hand upon heart. Take thee a big breath.  (Ashlem is listening.)   We have found that you have been entertained by a Higher Force of Energy from the Cosmos that you may know that you have been re-organized interiorlyTherefore you understand at this Time of Being.  It caused thee to feel nauseated at that time of Being. It is well now, is it now so?”

K: “Yes. At that time I thought that is what was happening and that there were some changes being made in my body.  It seemed like there was a little bit of a conflict between the Etheric Forces and the Natural Forces of my Being.  Thank you for that. Now I’m going to ask about my Spirituality. I just feel that I need to do more for my Spiritual Well-Being.”

A: “Thy Spiritual Being is into good intact at this Time, my dear. Do not worry about it.  You have been elevated into the Energy Force as I have said unto thee bringing a greater Spiritual Awareness unto thee. Do not rush this Energy Force, but simply enjoy it as it passes with thee at this Time of Being. Understand?  The Brotherhood of Light is still into contact with thee at this Time of Life.  That is important for thee to realize.“

A:  “As Jesus has come forth and Mary and all of the Disciples have come forth to pay homage unto thee in this Day of Life, they lie here into thy Greater Being of Christ Creation. It is so of this Time. You see, Time on Earth is speeded up as you know of Time. The days are not getting shorter.  The Vibrations are becoming shorter of this Time.   So things are going to be happening very soon, because the Earth is preparing itself for The Pole Shift that is to come forth.  You will see this in Time, but fear ye not.  You are safe in Arizona.  Do not go into California.  As I have said to others, I say to thee... Sit here upon your place and meditate upon the Higher Consciousness and Purity of Grace of Love for Mankind. It will aid many peoples of this Time of Life.  You are in the proper place at this Time. The Brotherhood of Light is working with thee at this Time.”

“When we bring thee to the White Rock of Truth and Purity of Grace that you may understand what is the fulfillment of Life here.  Upon the beautiful vehicle called Star of Davidthat you have been aboard before, and it is of this time of Life that you will find of your Greater Self. You understand at this Time, we are changing your Vibrations of Light thru your Greater Self.  Do not worry about this, for it will appear greater for thee.  But don’t worry about the times of Earth. Everything will work itself out. We don’t want thee running helter-skelter hither and there, causing anxieties in your body, which causes  a dissipation of the Energy that we have given to thee.”


A: “(Ashlem speaks in Tibetan Language while placing his palm on my solar plexus.)  Breath in the Light of Creation here and feel it.  Bring in the Pink Light of Love.  Feel it entering your body here, calming your stomach at this time.  It was not what you ate of this Time of Being. It is the Energy Flow we have been speaking of, accumulating here upon your Solar Plexus.  You call it your stomach at this time. You understand? To bring the Energy unto thee at this Time.  Let us heal this now. Breathe in The Light of The Christ. Feel the Power running into your body.  The Energy is greater now, calming all of the aspects.  Is the nausea going away?”

A: “ It is alright.”

K: “ Thank you.  Might I ask?  I am happy to hear that the Angels were singing the  “OUR FATHER” because I just recently put that on my web sites for all the world to hear... Andrea Bocelli singing it and there is a picture of Jesus which protrudes forth from the darkness in violet light, which is very beautiful.  I am happy that I had that done. (Ashlem said ‘Very Good.’) Now may I ask Ashlem about something I heard in my sleep. Release (person’s) new seeds. Seeds are planted and they grow. What does that mean to release them)?”
A: “(A person) has been saying negative things that seems to disturb your  (Auric) ? Force, understand?  Then to release of it is important.  Listen not to those things because (person) knows not what (person) do. And these are the things that are hurting and disturbing your Energies here.  (Person) is a loving person in person’s own way, but is now lost because person is listening to other people who know not what they speak of and tries to be equal to them.  Give (person) Love and let them pass their way and do their things. You understand? “


K: “Thank you. I thought that’s what it meant, but I wanted to be certain. I had a ... well it was not a dream-vision, because my eyes were wide open.  I was awakened by a Presence of a female spirit with white fluffy hair, wearing a white dress with little pink roses. She was carrying a white staff with a white ball on the top of it. With her left hand, she tapped very quickly on my right foot and floated very slowly across the bottom of my bed from right to left. Then she disappeared.  Who was she and what did she do?”

A: “(Ashlem answered very quickly)  “Andréa.”  The Angel Andréa. A goodness of Grace who came from far away into the Cosmos to bring Energy unto thee, to, let us say, quicken your pace,  and solidify the Energy that has been given to thee.”
K: “I see and I thank her for this.

K: “In my dream-vision a man came in a little car, blowing the horn loudly like they do in Italy.  As he passed by the window I was looking out of, I caught a glimpse of the back of his head with black hair. I was impressed with the name, ‘Luzi’. I believe ‘Luzi' must mean ‘Light’.  I felt much Love coming from him. What was he doing and what was this about?”

A: “A Brother of Light coming forth at this time, heralding Greater Forces into your  aura.”

K:  “In another vision, I was in a group of people talking in a room. Suddenly a door opened and a burst of tremendously beautiful White Light shined forth. Jesus was in that Light. He proclaimed: I Love You!”  I was so happy for that!“

L: “What is your question?  You already know the answer !”

K:  “Yes, I do...And he came again after that, because I was praying for Japan and her people before I went to sleep…”

A: And your prayers were heard.”

K: “Thank you.  Then a bolt of lightning flashed in front of me and Jesus was speaking. I couldn’t recall the first part of what he said, but I remembered this much…so I wanted them all to come at once.”


A: “The Spirits who were of Pure Light  during this great tragedy, of the Earth movement.  This will happen more often.  Jesus will meet  with they who have the Light.  Do thee understand? And will lift them. Even tho they have perished of the Flesh Vibration, He will be with them at this Time, and open the door for them to enter The Kingdom of Heaven”.

K: “ Thank you. That’s beautiful. Then I heard a voice say,  “I gave it to you in a box.” And I saw a box wrapped with a ribbon and a bow on top.  What was in the box?”

A: “Your Love.”

K: “O.K.  Then I saw a baby being held by a woman. I gave her a warm blanket to wrap the baby in and I said to the woman: “Now the baby is ready to be shown to the people who are waiting anxiously”.

A: “It is the New coming forth of the New Creation of Mankind and Civilization upon Earth ?  The BabyAre you not working into that  mannerism?

K: Yes !  Trying to create and be a co-creator in bringing forth Love and the Higher Consciousness.  And the Voice said to me:  ‘He took her out of the city.  Who was taken out of the city?’

A: “He took her out of the city?  Her is the Child of Life taken out of the city of Existence of This Day, transmuting it to a New Era of Energy, The Thought Consciousness of Mankind.”

K: “O.K.  Very good.  And I am thinking about getting out of the Market.”

A: “It might be advisable.  You will lose much of your money, but not all of it.  If you remain in the Market, it is very serious that shortly the market will crash, as it has been manipulated by The Money People. Understand?  The Chaos into the Eastern Area is getting larger and stronger and it is going to cause great problems upon the market, fluxuating  here and there.  I do not know, nor do the Brothers of Light know, because of Man’s choices. You must trust your own Higher Instincts, my dear.”

K: “People are asking me what is coming next?  They are praying together and for each other as well as for others. They said they want to stick together and help each other in these hard times.”


A: “That is a good theorem, is it not?  Let us see if they will stick to it.”

K: “I understand. I am a little bit frightened, yet I trust my Higher Self and I trust in The Brothers of Light to help guide me as they did before.”

A: “At that time,  you were making a movement in a Positive direction, but here you are standing and marking time.”

K: “ Yes.  And I don’t want to mark time any more. I want to move out of here and do what I need to do and get on with my life.”

A: “Then do what you need to do my dear.”

K: “I have heard something in my sleep called ‘DuVoss Eagle. What is that?”

A: “DuVoss Eagle  means ‘Follow the Eagle. See the Eagle and BE the Eagle. What is an Eagle? One with Great Wisdom and Knowledge and Great Insight. Are you not The Eagle?”

K: “I hope so.  How will I take my Fuel Cells out of the Market?”

A: “You may save them if you want to.  If you so wish, you can get a certificate that says how many you have. Fuel Cells are going to become more valuable, but because of the world situation now, things are going to be put on what you call ‘back burner’.  Remember what I have said a long time ago. Your automobile industry is going to produce Hybrid cars first before the fuel cell cars. Everybody buy a Hybrid before they buy Fuel Cell cars. So they are going to have a market reverberating into the market and the Oil Industry will begin to gear up into a different way. But because of the cataclysmic changes upon  the Earth, that will never come into fruition, because the countries are going to be destroyed as you have seen in Japan, by the cataclysmic changes which will change the Economy, will it not? It is what is happening... the collapsing of Civilization  as you well know it now. Earth will always recover. Civilizationas you know it today will change and be altered to a Higher Degree yet, in time to come.  It is what it is all about.”


K: “So the Fuel Cells cars will not come for many years then? If at all? “

A: “That is very possible….if at all.”

K: “So then I will have lost a lot of money if they don’t make them“

A: “The automobiles are already builded my dear.  All they have to do is find how to distribute the Fuel Cells so  they can make money. That is all about money.  They have perfected Fuel Cells.  They are trying to get the  Oil Companies to accept the Fuel Cells into their service stations and they are balking because that would make them sell less gasoline.”

K: “ I have not heard Ashlem’s last message, but I understand that we are going to have more cataclysms close to here. Possibly down our Western Coast, and that would be thru Earthquakes and not the Tsunami.”

A: “As I have said before, I will say again.  It will begin in the Gulf of Mexico, going North Eastward up the Mississippi Valley reaching an area of the New Madrid Fault that may slip anytime now, causing millions of destruction of people and properties. Then the Great Lakes will empty into the Gulf of Mexico when it is all finished.  That Ring of Fire on the Eastern Coast, no one pays attention to. That is going out into what is called Montana and then coming down into Colorado and into that region and area. Onto the Western side, the San Andreas Fault is going to go forth clear into what is called Alaska and  then down into the mountains, forming a heart.

K: “I was going to ask about that when Ashlem was speaking to someone here about the heart. I didn’t quite get that picture. The heart is going to cover the United States?

A: Those living within the heart shall be relatively safe.”

K: “And the heart will go from which point to which point?”

A:  “From in the Gulf of Mexico to the East upward, around and back down into Colorado, then back into the Western side from what you call the San Andreas  Fault., into the Regions of Mexico, upward into Alaska and so forth  into that area.


The Ring of Fire of the Pacific Ocean triggering it now. California will be devastated into many different areas and regions. Even into what is called Nome, Alaska. The Poles are melting rapidly, causing the waters to rise rapidly. Many coastal cities will be inundated with sea water.  This is to come very soon, because of the movement of this Energy causing the Vibrations of Storms to come forth, there will be greater storms into the northern portions of the United States and other countries,causing great disturbances upon the growing fields. Your food is going to become more expensive.

K: “That has already started. At the store the other day, a small amount of groceries cost me $78. Bags, boxes, cans, jars, are all shrinking and the prices are still going up. Ounces are getting less.   I have been watching this. Alright, I would like Ashlem to give me a healing.”

A: “I understand and I will give thee a healing of this time of Being. Picture the beautiful Emerald Green Light. Breathe it in. I am radiating it thru my hand into your knee and into your vascular systems in your knee at this time; bringing that Healing Light into the cartilages, releasing the pressures there. (Ashlem prayed a beautiful Tibetan Healing Prayer for a few minutes.)  You feel the Healing energy now rising thru your leg of this time.  It is now healing the energies of your knee cap,  as it is called. Do you feel anything?”

K: “I do feel the warmth from your hand and I do feel the energy going to my knee. Yes.”

A: “It is arising from here to your body here and  down thru your hips here, rising down here, causing all of these disturbances here upon your body of this Time of Being.  A stress is here.  Relaxing these muscles is important to do this of the Energy of it.  Then it will release the pressures here that is causing these problems.”

K: “Yes. (I had forgotten to tell Ashlem about my left hip and thigh and my other knee, but he healed them anyway.) On the other leg, where I had that hard swelling...that is almost gone, but there is still just a little bit there”. (I put my right ankle  up and Ashlem began to heal that one also. The swelling had been there for almost three years. Ashlem touched it and I yelled an ‘ouch’.)

A:  “Picture the Green Light again.” (Ashlem is praying in Tibetan holding my ankle.)


A: “ Unto the energies of  The Creative Forces, we bring the energies down to heal and make pure again the state…(Ashlem suddenly goes into another prayer and then says, ‘It is begun.”)

K: “Thank you Ashlem, I appreciate this very much.” (As I am listening to my CD, I hear an indistinguishable Man’s voice speaking behind Ashlem’s voice as he asks me if there is more.) I answered, “Thank you Ashlem. No. I think that is all there is at this time, but I am concerned about where I am and where I am going and what is there to do about ….”  (Ashlem quickly answers.)

A: “It is not going to get any better my dear. Do you understand? The Economy of America is recovering slowly. But you see, there is still the people here who are in control of many other things, such as housing industries, oil industries and many other things. Understand? And the Growing Fields also. This is causing a disturbance upon your Economic System in America. Depending upon Foreign Countries.  You have seen Japan  be destroyed.  You will see China also, very soon will have difficulties, and many commodities from China come to America you understand?   And the Great Investments of America into China bring a greater Vibration of Negativity.”

K: “Are we going to have a Third World War?

A: “That is very possible, my dear.  You see what is happening into Gadahfy and into Libyaand into the other countries that are gathering together.  Their people are crying forth because of their Dictatorship. They have no authority,  no way of work, and they do not work and they are going to keep the very rich and the very poor. And these are the things that are causing a disturbance upon Humans. They are rebelling against this.”

K: “Yes. Even here in America.”

A: “Aye.  And it is going to cause  fear of  many disturbances by anxieties. It is a Negative Force of Energy that will come forth that may cause other countries like Iran, do what its Nuclear Program that it has in mind, making the bomb like ?????? (inaudible) and everyone else has, you understand? And as I have said before,  ’ A country will sell, a Third World country, like Arabia, sell them Nuclear Weapons.  They then will turn this to Israel and cause a disturbance, and then Israel will have to be defended by America. Then comes the warheads, stored, of your Nuclear Weapons. That would cause Armageddon.


Ashlem continues:  “It is very possible that it will come very soon. We do not know entirely. Do thee understand?   But you see,  PRAYERS PRODUCE A LOT OF ENERGYYou bring your prayers from your heart here, into The Christ Consciousness of Being, that all become Peaceful.  If enough peoples do this in the World, then there will be PEACE.  But at this Time, I have said, the World as a whole, is now  78%  in Negative. (Seventy eight per cent.)  Not America only; but other countries too.  Understand?  This is what is causing it.  Mr. Obama is sitting back and he is saying, “Naye ! I am not going to get involved with Gadhafy and his great problems.  But the United Nations are getting involved into it.  Is it not so?  You see, if they do the proper thing, it will quiet the issue.  If they don’t, the Rebellion shall come forth and that will incite like Gadhafy to fire on Israel. Then it will begin.  It is all (inaudible) We do not know. On top of that you have the Great Ring of Fire. Becoming greatly activated. Do thee understand?”

K: “I should think that some of these Disasters would make people stop and think, that we are causing these disasters by our negativity and we need to ….  ( Ashlem interjects here.)

A: “Every Nation and every person say exactly what you have just said and believes unto it except they who are in Power.”

K:  “Yes, that’s the trouble and I can see that. It is sad. I guess the only thing we can do is pray.   Pray for them, send them Light and… (Ashlem speaks.)

A: Pray for yourself.

K: “Thank you. I feel very blessed to be who I am, and to be a member of The Brotherhood of Light and to have you Ashlem, and Jesus and Mary and Angels and The Brotherhood of Light …”

A:  “My Dear, you are standing in the Corridor of The Great Ship, ‘The Star of David, The Star of Bethlehem’; do thee understand?  With The Brotherhood of Light.  They are pleased with your Energy and your Peace within.  It all rises here in your bosom of Life, do thee understand?  That is the purpose of this. We are pleased because of your Love and your dedication of Life to all of us. That is the Expression at this Time of Being  It is to what is to come forth at this time a greater feeling.  The flesh body is weak, but the Spirit is growing stronger, is it not so?  So it is time to come forth.  Earth is going to be cleansed again as you have said.  We do not know who, when or how it is to be done, but it will be cleansed my dear. The Time is now.  You see the Nebulae  upon the Great Sun; your Sun.  It is  ready to explode again.”


K: Yes.  There is a super moon now and it will have a great pull, is it not so?”

A: ‘It is going to burst Vulcan out of the Cradle Orbit  and it will begin...The Seventh Day.”  (1,000 years of Peace, The Golden Millennium.)

K: People tell me that they are frightened, but I don’t feel that fear.”

A: “That is because you know what is going to occur and that you are going to be lifted, by your great Love here; do you understand?  You shall be lifted and knowing of this Lift of Time of Being.  Don’t worry about it. Let it go ! But there is Time  remaining upon  Earth; so you do what you have to do to survive upon Earth to be at that Lifting Time . (The Rapture) Do thee understand?

K: “Yes.  Thank you. I would like to ask something else now, very quickly.  I had an experience yesterday with my hands on the computer keyboard jumping and shaking and then when I went outside, my Lemon tree was shaking very hard and all my lemons came crashing down to the ground all at once. Was this a part of the shaking of the Earth?”

A: “Aye ! “

K: “Thank you.  I thank you so much Ashlem, for being with us and I keep thinking...what would we do without Ashlem?  Where would we be without you?”

A: “Everything would work fine at this Time of Life.  You find of your greater Peace within your heart of the great Love of Mankind. You cannot carry the world upon your shoulders. Understand?  You can only tell people what and how they can protect themselves.  If they listen not, So Be It!  That is the way of Life here upon Earth.  But you are an Angel upon Earth, Mary say to thee.  She stands with thee at all times.  All of your Life it has been so.”

K:  “I KNOW so !  Since I was a little girl…  (inaudible)  ??????

A:  “Now picture in your mind, the beautiful White Rose.  Your Christ Rose I hold in my hand. I have been saying to people, it is here, in your Greater Being of Greater Value, do thee understand? 


So when you say the Protection of  The Light of The Christ, with the White Rose, you must  put all of the emotion you can put into your body and feel it. Then it will increase its value ten-fold.  I am saying to thee now, ‘Picture the beautiful White Rose I hold in my hand. See how bright it is, getting brighter and brighter and brighter.  See it shining brighter and brighter.  Now with compassion and emotion, repeat after I, Ashlem, : “I and thee Father are One!  I stand forth into the Light of The Christ !  For I am Light! I am Light!   I AM that Light!  (Karita repeats each sentence after Ashlem).

Receive The Christ into your body. Feel the Energy of God passing thru your heart, the muscle that pumps the blood thru your body. Feel the Power of God rushing thru your vascular system, radiating into every inch and every cell of your body, healing as it goes thru your body. Feel that Healing Force coming forth, healing every inch of your body at this Time of  Being.  Christ is with thee at all times. Then you feel because of the emotion that dictates the Vibration of your Auric Life.  So Be It of this Time. So therefore, remember to do of this thyself  always. Do thee understand? 

Into your solar plexus here, let us heal the solar plexus with the green Light of Healing.  See the  beautiful Emerald Green Light here coming forth strong upon your solar plexus,  Breathe it in. Feel that energy passing thru thee. Let it go thru your colon,  thru your solar plexus, into your hips. As it passes down thru your hips, bring it down  your legs, your calfs of your legs, thru your knees, feeling the knees healing, down thru your ankles,  your feet and your toes.  Bring it to the inside of your ribs thru your root chakra, and let it heal thru to the root chakra into all the organs of your body, so the spleen chakra in thru the solar plexus as it is healing here. Going upward into the heart chakra, let it  heal  into the heart chakra hither that you find a great energy of Life upon thee. Turn off timer please. And this healing is coming greater upon this Time of Being as it enters your right lung.

Feel it enter your right lung, healing as it goes forth.  Into your right breast as it heals here, it goes forth.  To your left lung it goes forth here and heals. To you left breast it goes forth and heals.  Into your throat chakra it goes forth to heal.  And  that energy is great with thee with your thyroid as it balances your energy.  Goes down your shoulders, thru your arms and down to your finger tips. And the healing has begun. Do this little exercise yourself my dear, into the retiring of the evening and see if it does not work better for thee.  It is time to find who you are.

You are an Angel upon Earth. Accept it.  Breathe it into your body of Light and you shall know of your Peace within.  There is still more Time going forth.


It is alright.  We are again pleased with your Peaceful movement of this Time of  Being.  Let it be so.  Remember our Covenant, of thee Father and of thee Son and of thee… Thy Holy Spirit, that the Circle of God is Eternal Within; never beginning and never ending and never to be separated from The Whole... and that is Thee.

(Ashlem sings a different beautiful Tibetan Prayer).

Then he speaks:“ And we raise thy Vibration.  Fly beautiful Angel, fly !  Peace be unto thee. 

I take my leave.”

K: “Thank you Ashlem. I am always with thee in Peace and Love.”

Bob:  Thank you Ashlem. I thank the Lords of The Akashics for allowing me to look into the records of Karita and I close The Records thereof.  Thank you Ashlem for taking my hand and leading me thru these Realms and keeping me from harm. I am always with you in Peace and Love. Amen.”

                                                                                                     Transcribed by Karita  3.27.2011  A.D.

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