"The Earth is now wearing its 'Face of Time'
She is very old and her age is showing upon her face.
Let it be known that her Course of Destiny in this
Time Frame Period is coming to a close.  A new Time
Frame Period will begin after The Cleansing Period when
'all things shall be renewed'.  'Time' as we know it to be now is fading away.
Changes of great magnitude are beginning for Mother Earth
and all of its occupants.  No thing will be untouched
as the Consciousness of all that lives in the Breath of Life
is made aware of its 'inner being'; its Greater Source.
Yea, there will be resistance which will cause upheavals even in the air,
the ground, and all things therein. The Negative and the Positive
are coming together in full forces of energy.
Look to the Divine Within all things and 'roll with the flow'
Of least resistance; lest ye turn your world upside down.
It is spoken!"
"People everywhere are in an abundance of turmoil as
The Earth stands flooded in oceans of emotions.
We descend to you to bring to you Energy, Healing,
Knowledge, and The Wisdoms of Greater Truth
In Light and Love because we care. We are here to
Help you to build a New Earth, a New Land of Love,
Light and Peace.  Give us your attention and we will
Give you our all. We are The Masters of Light."
What is in the Air of Devastation? The Winds of Time;
Time for change.  The Earth's vibrations are changing.
The Foundation of everything is Truth!
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