Message From Little Grandmother    

A powerful video. It is in English. It is being given in Zurich from Little Gandmother. She says the poles have already started to Shift. We are living in remarkable times. We are strong who are on Earth right now. We need to live from love.

Sent with much love for all and the planet.  - Little Grandmother.

Karita's Note:
Please play this for everyone you know, or e-mail it to them to listen to and forward. Little Grandmother has all the same information that  Jesus and Mary and the Angel Masters of Light have been teaching me all of my Life. 
Now is the time to live from LOVE, from heart to heart infinitely. (And don't forget Mother Earth. We live in her Cradle of Love)

With all the Love from my heart to your hearts, in union with all hearts of Universal Love on Earth and in Heaven. 
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